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Flat Rate
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Facebook & Dining Guide orders
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Credit Card Processing Rates Apply
Credit Card Processing is an additional 2% + $0.35 per order OR Use your own
in-store processor for $10/month access fee + $0.07 per transaction + your processor’s standard rates.
Zuppler Online Ordering Website MenuZuppler Online Ordering Mobile Menu Let fans order food through your Facebook PageZuppler Online Ordering Menu Network
Website, Mobile, Facebook App & Dining Guides
Zuppler Online Ordering Website MenuZuppler Online Ordering Mobile Menu Let fans order food through your Facebook PageZuppler Online Ordering Menu Network
Unlimited Website & Mobile
Website Menu
Mobile Menu
Facebook App
Dining Guides
Receive Orders by Fax
Unlimited + Fax: Add $0.14 per order
Receive Orders by Email, Eprint, Online or POS
In-Store Merchandising Kits are Available


How does our pricing work?
Zuppler Pricing = (cost of food & beverage order) x (our service rate). Tax & tip are excluded.

Flat Rates Are Available
Affordable rates matter to us. That’s why we have a flexible rate so you only pay for the level of service that you need. Also you can switch anytime to our Flat Rate Plan for unlimited ordering through your Website and Mobile Menu. Switch anytime, save more. Contact your Zuppler Coach for more info once you join. (Your Zuppler Network Menus will stay at the low pay-as-you-go rates.)

Choose Your Plan. Change Anytime

Get all of The Zuppler Programs &. Join the Pay As You Go or Unlimited Ordering Plans today and start to receive orders from your current website, mobile menu and Facebook page and the NEW Network of participating dining guides where available.

Fully Customizable Online Menus

Start building your Zuppler Menu with the help from our FREE Setup & Installation Service. Select the plan that suits your needs, then our team will start work on your menu. You will be ready to accept orders usually in 7-10 business days. Continue to customize the menu items & settings as much as you like.

Key Benefits

  • Get Paid Instantly or Weekly
    Automatic direct deposits to your bank account.

  • Free Setup & Fast Installation
    Take your first orders in as little as 3 days.

  • Free Menu Changes
    Contact us anytime to edit your menu content.

  • Free Support
    U.S. Support will help with daily requests & customer care.

We Process All Cash, Credit & Debit Orders

Zuppler securely processes all major credit and debit cards.

Credit Card Processing: 2% + $0.35 per order OR use your own merchant provider’s rates. To use your current provider, there is a $10/month access fee + $0.07 per transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now Serving The United States & Canada

We are currently serving the United States and Canada. We have plans to enter into key global territories later this year. We do not have a timeline for when we will be available in other countries. If you would like to know when Zuppler is prepared to serve your country, we will be happy to contact you.
Please fill out our form.

Do you have discounts for multiple locations?

Yes! Zuppler Group Rates and Custom Solutions are available for restaurant groups with 10 or more locations. Call Us.
Restaurant Group Programs call 1-800-ZUP-PLER or email info@zuppler.com

How do I get paid? Instantly or weekly?

How do I get paid instantly?

Credit card payments are directly deposited into your account when you use your current merchant account for credit card processing. Payment is received through your provider and at the same frequency as you receive in-store payments. To use your current credit card processing rates, there is a $10 monthly access fee + $0.07 per transaction.

How do I get paid weekly?

Receive payments every week when you use Zuppler Merchant Services for credit card processing. We will process all major credit and debit card orders with a processing rate of 2% per order +$0.35 per credit card purchase.

Can this work with my POS & Loyalty Card?

POS and Loyalty Card integration is available. Join now and ask your Zuppler Coach to start the process with your provider.

Can I use my smartphone to get orders?

Yes, you can view and confirm all online orders via any web enabled device, including all smart phones or tablets.

What is your cancellation policy?

We are 100% Risk Free Guarantee

Zuppler only receives payment after you receive payment from the customer. There is no upfront setup cost and our online ordering solution comes with a full 100% risk free guarantee.
If you choose to discontinue service with Zuppler you may do so at any time and for any reason. Change your rates or plans at anytime. You have nothing to loose when you join Zuppler. Start Today!

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